Remove Line Breaks

This tool can be used for removing line breaks from text blocks, but it will not preserve paragraph breaks.

If you've ever received text in a narrow column that has broken line breaks at the ends, such as text from email, copy and past text from PDF columns with spacing or word wrap, this tool can be very helpful.

You can also eliminate all line breaks and keep paragraph breaks (mostly, double-line breaks).

This tool is far more efficient than manually removing line breaks. This tool is ideal if you need to copy content from a PDF with a strange text formatting, such as line breaks or word wraps.

You may also have an opposite problem. I offer an online tool to automatically add line breaks in the correct text blocks.

Use the link-breaking tool to remove line breaks from your text.

Any source can be used to get the source, such as an Instagram post, PDF column or email. This tool will remove unnecessary line breaks from your content.

This online tool can be used to remove all lines breaks from a text. This online tool supports all known newline characters such as the one used in Windows (CRLF), or the line break codes for Linux and Mac OS (CR/LF). This online tool lets you replace the line breaks with text of your choice, instead of just removing them. The tool allows you to replace line breaks with a space or semicolon, or a comma.

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