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Find My Facebook ID online allows you to quickly locate your Facebook ID. Enter a link to your Facebook page, group, or page URL.

What is a FACEBOOK ID and how do you use it?

A Facebook ID is a unique numerical identifier that can be linked to a Facebook profile, group, page or group. Once you create a new profile or page, Facebook will create a Facebook ID. It can't be changed.


Social Facebook plugins, such as FB-like buttons or other social apps can be used. However, they will require your numeric Facebook ID to retrieve the correct data. Find My Facebook ID is a quick way to find your Facebook ID. Our app makes it easy to find your Facebook ID Page ID or Group ID quickly and easily. It can be used with private and public accounts.

Your ID may be needed for many reasons. This app is intended to allow you to quickly obtain your Facebook ID. Only this app can work if you have access to your Facebook account. Make sure to check the box "Do other search engines than Facebook links link to your profile" in your privacy settings. is set to YES.

How can I locate my FACEBOOK PROFILE ID?

A Facebook profile ID (also known as a user ID) is an unique ID that is attached to a Facebook account. Each user is assigned a unique, numeric FB userID by Facebook to help them identify themselves.

Enter your Facebook profile link to quickly locate your Facebook user ID.

How do I find my FACEBOOK PROFILE URL address?

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Click the hamburger menu at the lower right.
  • Click on "See Your Profile"
  • To add a story, click on the three dots.
  • Scroll down until you see "Your profile Link", which contains your personal link.
  • To copy your Facebook profile link, click the "Copy Link” button

How can I locate my FACEBOOK ID page

A Facebook page ID, also known as a Facebook page ID, is a unique ID that is assigned a page. A unique ID is also assigned to a page, along with a page name. This information is used mostly in Facebook. To access data from Facebook Pages or connect to APIs, other applications may use the Facebook Page ID.

To get your Facebook ID, enter the link to your Facebook Page into our tool.

How do I get my Facebook URL?

  • Use your browser to log in to Facebook
  • Use the menu to navigate to Pages or click this link for your Facebook pages.
  • Click here to visit our Facebook page.
  • Copy the URL to the Facebook Page in your browser address bar.
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